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15th July

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18th July

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Friday 18th July
  Reporting and e-government - Conferences and workshops
9:00 - 9:40
Daniel P. Glasman WordTechnologies Advances in Real-time Transcription Technologies.
9:40 - 10:20
Marcello Melani Stenotype Italia Language and Machine Shorthand.
  Coffee Break
John Wenclawsky Speche Communications Real-time Delivery of the Spoken Word.
Carlo Aliprandi Synthema Distributed and Multilingual Professional Systems for Transcripts with Speech Recognition.
Andreas Sidler Swiss Federal Parliament. (Nearly) Realtime Publishing from the Plenary Minutes on the Internet.
Fabio Angeloni - Paolo Michela Zucco Italian Senate Computer Transcription of Assembly and Committee Debates.
Detlef Peitz German Federal Parliament Impacts of short-term Publishing on the Newsmedia.
  Coffee break
Josef Stehling Lower Saxony State Parliament Shorthand and Speech Recognition in Parliamentary Reporting.
Maria L. Corti Crippa Advisor, Teacher - Milan The Dream of Any Reporter Becomes True: E-Working.

17:15 Trasfer of IPRS and Central Committee Members for visit at the Italian Parliament.
20:30 Gala Dinner for the Central Committee Members

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