Roma 2003 | Intersteno Italy | Internet contest


Lectures and Workshops

Parliamentary Group meeting

Intersteno Parliamentary Reporters‘ Section
17th July 2003 Rome

Programme Sheraton Roma Congress Center Viale Del Pattinaggio 100, Rome 00144

11:00 a.m. Opening Address by Wolfgang Behm, Member of the IPRS Coordinating Committee  

11.10 am. Quality Securing as related to Parliamentary Reporting -
What do we understand by quality, and how do we secure it?“

Presentation by Anne Grete Orten
Stenographic Service of Stortinget, Norway

11:30 a.m. Recruitment of Reporters in Times of Change“
Presentation by Baerbel Heising
Stenographic Service of the Bundestag, Germany

11:50 a.m. Election of the IPRS Coordinating Committee

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