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To participate in a world championship is an honor, fulfilling a long formative run in which personal and technical abilities play an important role.

The technical results can be compared to those reached by sportsmen at the Olympic games. Also in this case we may simply applaud!

As in the Olympiads, each competitor has a historied background, based on the watchful presence of trainers who in many ways have favored and motivated him to take part in a great event which could seem to be only a dream.

At Rome 2003 the varying formulas of competitions can satisfy everyone.
The deadline for registration for the competitions is 15 May 2003.
Those who wish to take part in the multilingual competition, using more than two languages, must register by 28 February 2003

VERY IMPORTANT! The information hereinbelow is indicated to give a general overview and also to be understood by nonprofessionals.
The main rules for taking part at the Intersteno Congress as well as the detailed technical rules for each competition formula are fully available at the Competition Menu of this site. Competitors must read carefully and declare that they understand and accept these rules upon submitting the registration form, which will be operational at this site from 15 November 2002.


Speed competition The contest consists of 30-minute copying of a typed text written with 1.5 line spacing and a blank line after each five lines.
Minimum speed:
seniors (over 20 years of age) 360 strokes per minute, maximum errors 0.25%
juniors (up to 20 years of age) 300 strokes per minute, maximum errors 0.25 %
students (up to 15 years of age) 280 strokes per minute, maximum errors 0.25 %
Competitors must hand in their work on a diskette, in a “.doc” format to permit automatic evaluation through the Zav-Intersteno Auswertung software.
Any brand of computer and typewriter is allowed. The competitor hands in the typed text.
Text editing competition Competitors receive a text in a “.txt” format saved on a diskette and will insert modifications and corrections as shown on a printed sheet. The kinds of corrections will be indicated with international signs used by professionals in text correction. 220 is the quantity of possible corrections/modifications. The competitors will enter as many as possible within a time frame of ten minutes. At the end of the work, the competitors must insert five returns after the last written letter.
The diskette will be handed in with the updated file with modifications and will be automatically evaluated by Zav software.
Professional word processing competition The competitor receives text - data - images and instruction for preparing a professional documents. The competitors will use word-processing, database, and spreadsheet software. Instructions are given only in the English language. The contest lasts 90 minutes.
STENO COMPETITIONS Competitors may take part using traditional shorthand, steno machines, or voice recognition. If by voice recognition, a silencer, or stenomask, must be used.
Speed competition in mother tongue Take and transcription of a five-minute dictation at progressive speed. The competitor chooses the text to transcribe among three consecutive five-minute dictations given at speeds increased each minute. Between dictations there will be a ten-second pause. The initial and final speeds of each dictation are related to the language of the competitors, according to a comparison table set up by the Intersteno Central Committee. The basic text for Rome 2003 will be English in Column I. Maximum transcription time two hours (for Column VI). At least the first three minutes of dictation must be transcribed successfully.
The points for the results list are calculated taking into account the transcription time in the case of a tie.
Correspondence and minute-taking competition This competition consists of two tests. The first one is a take and transcription of a three-minute dictation at a medium professional speed. The second part is related to preparing a summary report of a text included in a list of titles. The titles must be recorded verbatim. The work must be completed within a frame limit of 120 minutes.
Multilingual competition Competitors in the speed competition in mother tongue may also take part in the multilingual competition. This competition involves taking down dictations in at least two additional languages. These languages will be stated in advance on the registration form. Each dictation lasts three minutes, at the speeds of 120-130-140 syllables respectively for each minute. Competitors may participate in the following languages (at least two in addition to the mother tongue): English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Slovakian, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Dutch, Estonian. The Organizing Committee will inform the competitors by 1 June 2003 if problems arise regarding unavailability of text, dictator, or jury members for specific languages. Competitors can be successful either in (1) mother tongue plus one foreign language or (2) at least two foreign languages without taking part in the mother tongue competition.
Fast transcription competition (Fast) Take of an eight-minute dictation. The competition is valid if the first three minutes taken are successfully transcribed. The maximum transcription time allowed is 24 minutes, but in any case not more than three times the number of valid minutes. For example, if transcription is valid at the fifth minute, the delivery time must not exceed 15 minutes. The transcript may be delivered on a diskette, in “.txt” format to allow a first automatic control with Zav-Intersteno Software.
E W   C O                       N
This inaugural competition is intended only for students of public or private schools. The students must not exceed 20 years of age. The contest consists of a ten-minute writing of a text, using special software prepared by the Interinfo Group of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Intersteno Italia Group. Minimum speed 200 strokes per minute, maximum 500. Maximum 1% of errors allowed; each error results in a deduction of 50 points in the classification list. This contest can take place in the schools which have timely registered.
The training exercise in Italian, French, German, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, and English are already available in this site (Internet contest domain). There is also a registration form for schools, teachers, and students.
The date on which this contest will take place will be announced.


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