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Zav Hodonin

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ZAV-Hodonin 2002

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In the Czech Republic almost all competitions in typing are organized by Interinfo CZ, the federation of teachers, schools, competitors and theorists in the field of information processing. The competition has been receiving not only prestige but also a very effective structure for eight years:

On Friday morning several tens of children from 12 to 15 from the primary schools in Hodonin gathered for the talent competition. This competition always brings forward the drawbacks of today’s computer teaching but also new talented pupils can be eventually found.

The competitors process the introductory exercise of the individual programmed teaching ZAV for 30 minutes so a talent show both pupils who have never been working with keyboard and excellent pupils who have the right basics of typing without looking at the screen. However the handicap is showed among the pupils who have already got wrong habits.

On Friday afternoon 70 competitors from 13 to 20 from 4 countries started the computer controlled training. During 60 minutes they had to pass 38 special nomination exercises aimed at the transformation activity of the brain, technique, accuracy, coordination. The one who struggled through sooner had more time for the minutes transcription similar to the internet contest ZAV-minutes. This year reached the accepted limit of 400 strokes 35 competitors, 4 reached the limit of 500 netto strokes, Jana Abrahamova from the Grammar School in Bystrice na Pernstejnem got over the limit of 600.

There was the opening ceremony in the assembly of the Business School in Hodonin after the training. Then there was the annual meeting of Interinfo CZ with several very importantguests: dr. Fauso Ramondelli,
the president of Intersteno, Marlis Kulb, the president of the Austrian Stenografenverband, Horst Diehl, the president of the Stenografenverband in Hessen and for the first time also delegates from Poland – Mr Aloisy Berger, the headmaster of the Business School in Tychy, with his teacher Teresa Wawrzynek. The ZAV teaching starts to be used in Poland and the Business School in Tychy wants to initiate the establishment of a modern federation in the way of Interinfo CZ.

The competition itself took place in 3 disciplines on Saturday: 10 minute transcription with penalisation 5 strokes per error (in order to reach high brutto speeds), 10 minute transcription with penalisation 50 strokes (accustomed rule at the competitions for juniors), 20 minutes with penalisation 100 strokes per mistake (similar conditions to the international competitions including the World Championship).

After the announcement of the results in the midday hours (the competition ran in the network and traditionally the automatic evaluation by the computer was used) the native competitors left. The foreign guests, school management and Interinfo CZ delegates were  welcomed by the mayor of Hodonin, went to the sight-seeing terrace of the town hall, visited the Templars’ wine cellars and had a dinner in the village Cejkovice nearby.

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