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On behalf of the Organizing Committee I invite you to the 44th Intersteno Congress, which will be held in Rome in July 2003. We have worked with great enthusiasm, led by Gian Paolo Trivulzio, in order to prepare an unforgettable experience for you.

For over a hundred years, Intersteno has looked after  the techniques of fast writing, the value of which remains unaltered even after the relevant evolution of an age when the progress has been formidable. New horizons disclose for our activities: in society new needs come to a maturation, mass communication and Internet revolutionize the way of interacting between people and individuals,  technological means develop with frenetic rhythms and allow us to deliver new services and products, posing the challenge of a continuing upgrade. Reporters assume a central position with the unique capability of giving value to human expressions and rendering them accessible for citizens and companies through the production of quality texts. On the basis of shorthand and  typewriting we build new techniques and technologies: from machine shorthand to speech recognition, from closed captioning to Internet reporting.

For answering to the challenge of the progress and for catching new opportunities, we must be aware that even the way of displaying our activities is changing. We are asked for a higher cultural education, for a more accurate technique and for the lifelong capability of upgrading ourselves. For such a task the contributions of teachers, who know how to give value to their pupils’ resources according to the power of technologies at their disposal, is crucial.

Intersteno is changing too. The great intuitions of those who preceded us have led us to this point. We must be far-reaching and courageous in renewing and consolidating Intersteno. I speak to young people overall: you have much to say and to give, your energy and your passion are the lifeblood for this association: your skills, your intelligence and your languages are an essential wealth.

Intersteno intends to represent a place of culture, of spreading information and experiences, an avant-garde active and permanent presidium, for enhancing and developing  human and technological resources. Let’s give a bit of our intelligence to Intersteno, for honouring the efforts of elder colleagues and for projecting their work in the future.

Leader companies, professionals, youths and experts from all over the world have announced their presence at the Congress. Highest Italian institutions and the Unesco Italian Committee have given their support. Conferences on the main themes of the technical progress will be given and champions will compare themselves for showing their ability in fast writing.

For these reasons we wish you to be in Rome, a city that does not need introduction and that will take your breath away for its beauty. Come and enjoy the perfumes, the colours and the tastes of Italy. It will be a proficient date but also a pleasant and relaxing holiday. And some nice surprises will not be missed.

We wait for you with the smile of every day!

Fausto Ramondelli
Intersteno President           

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